About Us

SafeRx OC is a initiative launched by the Orange County Collaborative on Prescription Drug Abuse (OCCPDA), a countywide coalition of health and community leaders that is working together to combat an epidemic of prescription overdose deaths.

Misuse and abuse of prescriptions drugs is Orange County’s fastest growing drug problem, with drug overdose deaths increasing 61 percent between 2000 and 2012 — most of them accidental overdoses.  Prescription medications were the most frequent cause, with the majority involving opioid pain medications such as OxyContin and Hydrocodone.

To address this critical issue, SafeRx OC brings together health experts, public health agencies, hospitals, prescribers, community clinics, emergency rooms, medical associations and law enforcement, along with key community voices, to save lives and prevent drug abuse.

Our plan is closely aligned with the national call-to-action — Epidemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis — and identifies specific areas for action.

Together, SafeRx OC partners are taking practical steps to create and promote safe, evidence-based prescription drug practices across Orange County, including:

  • Developing prescription drug monitoring programs
  • Instituting prescribing guidelines to emphasize giving the lowest effective dose and only in quantities needed
  • Standardizing patient evaluations to identify those who may be at risk of drug abuse
  • Raising awareness about and access to the opioid overdose rescue drug, naloxone
  • Improving county surveillance programs to identify communities at risk and target prevention strategies
  • Increasing the availability of drop-off boxes to securely dispose of unneeded prescription drugs
  • Expanding treatment and coverage for substance abuse disorders
  • Educating local communities about the risks of prescription drug overdose and the danger of mixing multiple drugs and/or alcohol

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