We are a countywide coalition taking action to combat an epidemic of prescription overdose deaths.

​​A countywide initiative to stop the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

Taking Action      For a Safer OC.

Help us combat prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths in Orange County.

Together, our partners create and promote safe, evidence-based prescription drug practices.

Introducing our Opioid Epidemic Hero of the Month

Dr. Ellen Ahn!

Check out her story here!

Working together to save lives.
Misuse and abuse of prescription drugs is Orange County’s fastest growing drug problem, with overdose deaths increasing at alarming rates — most of them accidental.   The harm of substance abuse is rippling through our families, schools and workplaces. To stem this epidemic, we have launched SafeRx OC, an initiative led by a team of community members and experts. Working together, we can raise awareness, reduce the prevalence of drug misuse and abuse — and save lives.