Promoting Safer Prescribing Guidelines

- SafeRxOC has implemented safer prescribing guidelines to all emergency departments in the county, and we are currently developing guidelines for our Orange County Dental Society.

Promoting pain management & alternatives for managing chronic pain

- We have implemented EMR alternatives to opioid pain medication based on a patients level of pain. We have also conducted a pilot project in the past that looked to utilize trigger point injections for neck and back pain.

Increasing MAT and Naloxone Services

- SafeRxOC has provided X-waiver license training for 76 providers in Orange County. Our coalition has connected patients with substance use disorder with local FQHCs. We are currently working towards expanding MAT services to local Planned Parenthoods, Salvation Armies, and correctional facilities. 

- SafeRxOC, in collaboration with UCI's Pharmacy, has implemented Narcan Distribution for patients being discharged with opioids, and those with substance use disorder. The coalition is currently working with EMS to implement narcan kits to be distributed to the community.

 Programs & Projects

SafeRxOC Projects