Naloxone Distribution Program

In 2021 SafeRxOC  successfully initiated  a Naloxone distribution program at the University of California Irvine (UCI) Emergency Department. The program has created a significant impact in combating the opioid epidemic by ensuring broader access to this critical, life-saving medication.

SafeRxOC, an organization steadfast in its commitment to reducing opioid-related harm within Orange County, acknowledged the immediate need for a naloxone distribution program at the UCI Emergency Department. Known for its prompt and effective reversal of opioid overdoses, naloxone has become an essential tool in the battle against the spiraling opioid crisis.

CA Bridge, a project of the Public Health Institute, understood the far-reaching implications of this initiative and provided pivotal funding support. With its mission of integrating evidence-based substance use disorder treatment into everyday medical practice, CA Bridge was instrumental in actualizing SafeRxOC's vision for a naloxone distribution program at UCI.

Launched in 2021, this program has equipped the UCI Emergency Department with the ability to provide naloxone to patients at high risk of opioid overdose. Along with the distribution of naloxone, the program also provides essential training on its use and connects patients with additional resources and treatment options for substance use disorders. This initiative underscores UCI's role as a central hub for harm reduction in the community.

The establishment of this program in 2021, through the partnership between SafeRxOC and CA Bridge, has driven transformative change within the UCI Emergency Department. It serves as a testament to the power of collective efforts in addressing the opioid crisis and provides a blueprint for other organizations and institutions aiming to implement similar initiatives in their communities.

SafeRxOC and CA Bridge's collaborative venture has charted the course for a safer and healthier future, emphasizing that unity is key in combating the opioid epidemic. The successful launch of the naloxone distribution program at UCI in 2021 marks a significant step forward in the fight against opioid-related harm, showcasing the potential of strategic funding partnerships in the realm of healthcare.