Opioid Epidemic Hero of the Month

The Opioid Epidemic Hero of the Month is a new series we're starting in 2021 to recognize and appreciate the providers and heroes who are contributing to the battle against the Opioid Epidemic. Each month we will be highlighting a new Hero that has helped the community of Orange County be a safer place.

January 2021: Dr. Mario san Bartolome

February 2021: Dr. Brian Hurley

March 2021: Dr. Chun Chiang

April 2021: Tiffany Hwang

May 2021: Ellen Ahn

June 2021: Dr. Cameron Harding

July 2021: Mahan Naeim

August 2021: Dr. Ariana Nelson

September 2021:

October 2021:

November 2021:

December 2021: